ArdorBG will distribute a dividend

     On May 21 (Sunday), a dividend will be distributed to ArdorBG asset holders. 
    ArdorBG distributes a dividend upon reaching a target of 10,000 Ignis in the dividend pool (address ARDOR-KGQK-B4AV-M2QE-9S5A9), then distributes the dividend on all shares in circulation (maximum 1,000,000 shares). The 1,000,000 share issue is currently unsold and is expected to pay a dividend of around 0.0275 Ignis per share or around 1% per share. 
    In order to distribute a dividend only on the shares in circulation on May 21, the sale of the ArdorBG asset will be temporarily suspended, it will be briefly transferred to the address of the issuer (ARDOR-CKHE-SEFY-PD9D-HCJJL) and the dividend will be distributed. The ArdorBG asset will then be returned to the management address (ARDOR-YHJE-V87J-ZAHF-G7S8S) and trading will resume. The whole procedure will take 5-10 minutes.
    I do not commit to an exact dividend distribution block because there is not much demand for the ArdorBG asset. 
    This is the second dividend that will be paid for an ArdorBG asset since its creation. The first distribution was on January 16 this year. Then the assets in circulation were significantly less and we paid 0.04567 Ignis per share. After the issue is sold out, the minimum dividend payment will be 0.01 per share.


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