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asset ArdorBG - Blah Blah (Liquidity pool)

     In the time since I issued an ArdorBG asset, I have always tried not to do unnecessary "blah blah". I want investors to look at real results, not empty promises in the future. Yes, it's impossible to look at past results when you're such a young asset, but I was able to gain a lot of trust from my original investors (without giving them almost any information). I sincerely thank them for their trust, they are always a priority for me!      Setting up grid trading doesn't seem complicated at all, but historically in convection markets especially pairs like USD/EUR have caused huge busts and losses. In the time since 2017, I managed to calculate an equation in which I found a way to stay in the crypto market. This equation was modified and in the initial months it created a losses for me too, because theory and practice are two different things. Of course I'll stop with the blah blah because I can't say anything more about this equation.       The next

Monthly report for "December"

     For the month of December, the income from the grids was worth 20,700 Ignis. We paid two dividends, one worth 10,000 Ignis and the other 8,000 ArdorBG, which equates to a value of over 500,000 Ignis. Currently, about 40% (4,000 Ignis) of the dividend payout target has been collected.      Through the Ardor monetary system, I merged three transactions into one:      10% for management      10% for investment pool      40% for dividend           Asset ArdorBG is the most traded asset in Ardor DEX. I don't pay enough attention to a shiny site and many other things that go towards marketing, but I work hard and the statistics show it.  I believe that this year the statistics will be many times better.           Thank you for your trust and support, only together we will make Ardor something better!