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Crypto market dilution

       I wanted to write a post or article about the dilution of the crypto market. Like the dot com bubble, the crypto market is currently doing the same. Every day there are new projects with new coins that want us to use their currency. There are new and new blockchains that explain how they are the future, but in fact there is no innovation in them. If we want to research the new projects and what they are up to, that would be a mission impossible for one person. He will need a whole team to monitor the news at the beginning of the day. The exchanges I follow in X publish the listing of several coins every day.      Years ago I raved about ICOs, how crypto enables innovation to raise funds. But later, thanks to many deceptions I encountered, my opinion began to change. And what's happening right now is just crazy. Due to the rise in the price of Bitcoin, new and new investors appear in the crypto space. Some of them invest in major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others,

Monthly report for March 2024

     This past month we set a revenue record. There was good volatility and earnings reached 31,100 Ignis. In less than a month we managed to collected a dividend payout target of 10,000 Ignis and at block height 3332222 we paid a dividend to holders. Đ¢his is the second month in a row that we have paid a dividend!      Today the ArdorBG "Referral Program" has expired, if there is interest in the future and users who wish to promote the project, I am inclined to renew it, but for now it remains suspended.      In conclusion, the monthly income has not been increased because of the increasing number of assets with which ArdorBG works, but because of the volatility that has occurred due to the rise of Bitcoin. Right now, the price of Ignis is too low to allow us to place larger orders or narrow the spread. However, in DEX we have the smallest spreads and the best liquidity. Thank you investors!