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Reviewing the strategy -"Rejected"

   ArdorBG holders! When reviewing the fundamental strategy, we decided to pre-pegged ArdorBG with Bits 1:1.    1. This will lead to many benefits, one of which is that through Bits we can access possible financing with BTC on Probit.    2. You will get by far the smallest spreads in Bits (currently 0.2%), with which you can use ArdorBG as a bond.    But it also leads to a change in dividend payout. The easiest way is to pay a dividend in Bits. You will always be able to use the grids we maintain to exchange your Bits for Ignis or Ardor. I'm thinking of setting a dividend payout target of 100 Bits.    Sorry for the inconvenience!     "We had to discontinue this strategy and we are once again paying a dividend in Ignis"

Monthly report for "September"

     The month of September too was good! The income from the grids was worth 9150 Ignis. We paid two dividends of 0.01 Ignis per share (20,000 Ignis in total). There are currently 1250 Ignis collected in the dividend pool or 12.5% of the dividend payout target.       Remember that the data is completely transparent and anyone can do a check.