ArdorBG, MiCA and DORA

     I think crypto market regulations are not a bad thing, we can even find a lot of positives in them. What will happen to all the memecoins? And will we give publicity to the real projects? We are yet to find out. Crypto scams are unlikely to disappear, but at least they shouldn't be on this scale.

    In recent days I have been looking for information about MiCA and I came across quite positive information "The aim of MiCA is to create a regulatory framework for the crypto-asset market that supports innovation and exploits the potential of crypto-assets in a way that preserves financial stability and protects investors." Hopefully European regulators will be open to crypto projects and we will have a better future in the industry.

    Even when I created ArdorBG I wanted it to be a legal asset, but unfortunately everything remained only in my head. At the moment, my vision for the asset is much clearer and I think it has a good future. I definitely intend to apply after the regulatory framework is released, if it is possible for the still small project. The truth is that the project is 100% centralized and I'm not going to pretend it's a DAO or anything like that. So I hope European regulators are really open to small crypto projects.

    Of course there are many question marks, we are working on the Ignis chain and there is no way to guarantee what would happen to this chain. Or to guarantee the security of the Ardor platform. But I very much hope that ArdorBG is a legal company, so that I and the investors are calm.


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