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ArdorBG Forging Pool

       We decided to offer a forging pool through which Ardor holders who do not have their own forging node can lease their balance and earn in return from asset ArdorBG.  When you lease or forge on Ardor none of your tokens are locked. You can always use them when you want.      Our offer is this: Lease your Ardor balance at ARDOR-X55Q-HC52-P96P-CCGH5 and every week on an unspecified day you will receive 0.01 ArdorBG asset for every 10,000 Ardor (or if you lease 80,000 Ardor, every week you will earn 0.08 ArdorBG). This is the minimum offer. If we notice that our Forging Pool earns more fees and allows us to allocate more of the asset ArdorBG, we will do so.      As you know the Ardor blockchain fees are not high and we sponsor the forge pool.  The calculations as of 05/20/2024. point out that it is more profitable to lease your balance to "ArdorBG Forging Pool" than to have your own node.

Monthly report for April 2024

     In the past month, ArdorBG's earnings were 17400 Ignis. We again paid a dividend of 10,000 Ignis at block height 3370000 which happened on April 22nd. This is the third month in a row that we have paid a dividend.      In April, we started a new Ignis/wETH grid. So we already support six pairs Ardr/Ignis, Ardr/Bits, Bits/Ignis, Ignis/ArdorBG, Bits/ArdorBG and Ignis/wETH.       Thanks to all investors for their support!