asset ArdorBG - Monthly report for "January"

    In January, grid revenue was 18 300 Ignis. A dividend of 0.04567 Ignis per share was also paid, which in turn is 1.66%. After the dividend distribution, the pool (ARDOR-KGQK-B4AV-M2QE-9S5A9) has already collected 2,640 Ignis, which is over 26% of the dividend distribution target. If the trend of revenue increase continues or remains the same, the next dividend is expected to be distributed in March. 
    On January we also had to put in a new anti-dilution rule to protect our old investors.
    In this month, it is expected that a vote will be released for the holders of the ArdorBG asset, in which it will be proposed to use part of the profits of the grid to force the investment pool for a period of time. This will not in any way affect the income for the dividend pool and the buyback.


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