New rule for asset ArdorBG - anti-dilution

 Looking for a way to solve the liquidity problem with the ArdorBG asset and discussing this with a friend of mine, it turned out that the asset has a bigger problem and that is dilution. Early investors, those who invested at the very beginning after the creation of the asset received as much dividend as those shortly before the dividend was distributed. In this way, I have also created the conditions for speculation, if someone invests the funds just before the dividend distribution, receives the dividend and then immediately sells the repurchase orders, he would generate a few percent return in a few minutes. So, instead of getting the liquidity I promised, early investors will be even more disadvantaged. So I had to immediately introduce a new asset rule :
    Initial Issue Price + Dividend Paid per Share + (Accumulated Dividend in Pool / Shares Outstanding) = Current Issue Price  or "2.75 + 0.04567 + (1200 / 218878) = 2.80116 or 2.80 per share"
    In this way, early investors can place a sell order below the issue price and thus sell off to later investors. Of course I continue to place buyback orders.
    This way we will protect our original investors. Sincere apologies and thanks!


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