Crypto market dilution

     I wanted to write a post or article about the dilution of the crypto market. Like the dot com bubble, the crypto market is currently doing the same. Every day there are new projects with new coins that want us to use their currency. There are new and new blockchains that explain how they are the future, but in fact there is no innovation in them. If we want to research the new projects and what they are up to, that would be a mission impossible for one person. He will need a whole team to monitor the news at the beginning of the day. The exchanges I follow in X publish the listing of several coins every day.
    Years ago I raved about ICOs, how crypto enables innovation to raise funds. But later, thanks to many deceptions I encountered, my opinion began to change. And what's happening right now is just crazy. Due to the rise in the price of Bitcoin, new and new investors appear in the crypto space. Some of them invest in major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, but more of them wanted to catch the wave and bet on a coin that promises to be the future of crypto and become the new Bitcoin. 
    The people I meet and discuss with them about the crypto market give me examples of coins that, after being examined by me, it turns out that there is nothing innovative behind them and fundamentally they have no chance of success. Like the ones I researched, there are hundreds, if not thousands of similar ones out there that are pulling value out of new investors and diluting the market. And the market dilution has been getting bigger and bigger in the last few months. It comes in, value in new coins, which becomes an expense for bridges, listing on exchanges, and more. These are costs that the old projects have already covered over the years. Thus, instead of bringing value to crypto, it has the opposite effect - dilution. 
    Why don't new ideas want to use existing coins?
    The answer is easy. Everyone wants to keep control of the coin and the value it receives is pure and not influenced by foreign coins speculation. But do the projects understand that they are diluting the market? I think someone doesn't understand how the new coin works in the market (most are developers not economists). And others know it very well, but it is more profitable for them to do it. I don't know how many people I can reach with this article, but I think it would be important for people who don't know how dilution works.

    Is ArdorBG diluting the market?
    At the very beginning, when I issued an ArdorBG asset, I did not know how dilution works, but shortly after, after conversations with an economist who was helping me with legal information, we also came to this conversation. It turned out that, without understanding what I was doing, I had diluted an ArdorBG asset, and it was necessary to urgently adopt an anti-dilution rule. Apart from the small dilution of the ArdorBG asset, it turns out that I am not actually diluting the crypto market, quite the opposite. ArdorBG uses already created currencies such as Ardor, Ignis and Bits and the value we received for financing grids remained in these currencies. We actually help with the entire tokenomics of the Ardor platform and add value through the grid strategy. If a business that we encounter in our daily life works with currencies like dollar, euro or other fiat, our currencies are Ignis and Bits. 


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