Monthly report for March 2024

    This past month we set a revenue record. There was good volatility and earnings reached 31,100 Ignis. In less than a month we managed to collected a dividend payout target of 10,000 Ignis and at block height 3332222 we paid a dividend to holders. Тhis is the second month in a row that we have paid a dividend!
    Today the ArdorBG "Referral Program" has expired, if there is interest in the future and users who wish to promote the project, I am inclined to renew it, but for now it remains suspended.
    In conclusion, the monthly income has not been increased because of the increasing number of assets with which ArdorBG works, but because of the volatility that has occurred due to the rise of Bitcoin. Right now, the price of Ignis is too low to allow us to place larger orders or narrow the spread. However, in DEX we have the smallest spreads and the best liquidity. Thank you investors!


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