ArdorBG "Referral Program"

 What does it take to earn 1% for your friend's referral?
1. Tell your friend about asset ArdorBG.
2. When your friend decides to buy an asset ArdorBG, he must mark the message box in the purchase and write your Ardor address in the message. 
When the transaction is confirmed, I will receive the following information:
and I will send one 1% of the amount of ArdorBG in the order to the address in the message.

    The requirement is to buy whole shares because ArdorBG is an asset with only two decimal places. Or if your friend buys 3.5 shares you will get a bonus on only 3 shares or 0.03 ArdorBG!!!
    Your friend must have purchased ArdorBG only from the grid (address ARDOR-YHJE-V87J-ZAHF-G7S8S), if someone blocked the orders on the grid and your friend buy ArdorBG from another adress you will not receive the 1% bonus!!! 

    If by chance your friend forgets to enter a message with your address in the purchase, don't worry, you'll just need to contact me.
    I will be reviewing orders manually, so sometimes it may take a little while to ship your ArdorBG, but if it doesn't happen within 24 hours, don't hesitate to contact me!

    The promotion is valid until the end of March!


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