asset ArdorBG

ArdorBG (14181059775676150956) is a market making project using a grid trading strategy

    There are several DEXs on the Ardor platform, but the Coin Exchange, which is a DEX between child chain tokens and main chain tokens, suffered from a lack of liquidity, making it hard to use. I created an ArdorBG asset to solve this problem by raising funds to fund grids.
     We currently support grids of six pairs Ardr/Ignis, Ardr/Bits, Bits/Ignis, Ignis/ArdorBG, Bits/ArdorBG and Ignis/wETH. With the earnings from the grids, we committed to pay a dividend. We set a goal of 10 000 Ignis, when the goal is reached, we distribute a dividend on the shares (maximum 1,000,000 shares). The second rule we apply with earnings is buyback of asset ArdorBG. The third rule is that 10% of the income from the grids is sent to an "Investment Pool" (ARDOR-CKHE-SEFY-PD9D-HCJJL) to finance projects on the Ardor platform.
    We are trying to create "Perpetual Grids" (well-funded grids that don't worry about the trend). This approach would provide a perpetual time frame.
    Asset ArdorBG (14181059775676150956) is fully transparent, you can track every single transaction and the credibility of the data. Address for operations is ARDOR-YHJE-V87J-ZAHF-G7S8S
    Profit sharing:
    10% for management
    10% for investment pool
    40% for dividend
    40% for buyback


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